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Waldron is a technology driven company with the experience to execute projects that utilize the following:



Generation storage and distribution of Hydrogen requires a special set of expertise to navigate the challenges of this renewable energy gas. We utilize our process design expertise developed executing many Hydrogen projects to optimize the project economics and apply our experience codes and regulations to secure a reliable, safe installation.


Key Project: USPS Maryland



After 30 years of working on Biomass projects, Waldron has developed an expertise that ensures accurate performance and economic modeling.  We utilize technology solutions that bridge the fuel available to the customer’s energy needs. Our team has the practical know how to execute the design details that will yield project success.

Key Project: Fraser Paper


Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

Process Waste Heat is the new energy gold to be mined as a source of renewable energy. Waldron’s advanced thermodynamic modeling will accurately determine the value of your existing waste stream. We work with packaged units utilizing commercial refrigerants to custom designs that utilize the range from supercritical CO2 to Iso Butane. Our implementation experience with advanced hydrocarbon cycles provides us with the expertise to turn your waste heat into an economic and environmental asset.


Key Project: Generadora Electrical Del Norte (Genor)

Organic Rankine Cycle

Renewable Natural Gas

Organic Waste is now a fuel to be utilized in the new renewable energy space. Material that is typically composed or landfilled can now be converted to pipeline quality Renewable Natural Gas and utilized on site or injected into the natural gas system. Our experience with energy generation systems that utilize a range of gas compositions provides us with the unique capability to implement microgrids that utilize Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Natural Gas.

Key Project: Nashua Wastewater Treatment Facility

Anaerobic Digestion
ESS Project 3.JPG

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems have matured into a commercially available mass-produced product.  The application of the product to our customers systems and energy challenges is the key to success for BESS projects. Waldron can model the system for optimal economic benefit, install the controls to ensure that economic success, and install the system and auxiliaries that will ensure the safe operation.

Key Project: MRMC Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage Systems


Thirty years ago, Waldron took the technology lead in the designing, building and commissioning microgrids and has never looked back. Our microgrids are powered by a range of technologies that provide positive economics, resiliency and sustainability solutions for our customers. We continue to advance our hybrid designs, responding to the ever-changing landscape for our clients.

Key Project: Biogen CHP

Image by Jeremy Bezanger


As part of our approach to maximize the use of zero carbon sources of energy. Waldron integrates solar into our microgrids in our hybrid approach to develop solutions that provide minimal carbon impact for the energy needs of our clients. The integration of solar with other assets requires planning and process controls to deliver optimal economics.

Key Project: Smith College

Heat Pumps

Waldron’s process modeling allows us to bridge the gap between heat available and the process needs of our clients. We utilize heat pumps to maximize the heat recovery potential for a site increasing the energy quality of waste streams to match the facilities consumption needs.

Heat Pumps
TWA Home Image copy.jpg

Hybrid CHP

The emergence and commercialization of battery energy storage systems has created a new operational paradigm for combined heat and power facilities. Disconnecting the generation and consumption of electricity allows for the CHP facility to operate at optimal efficiency for the current and future conditions.

Key Project: TWA Flight Center Hotel Energy Center

Hybrid CHP

Compressed Air Energy Storage

Infrastructure exists throughout the North America for the storage of natural gas in natural occurring salt domes. These domes can be repurposed to store compressed air for energy storage. The process involves compressing air during peak generation of wind or solar energy and expanding it during periods when the renewable resource is unavailable.

Key Project: Conoco Phillips

Compressed Air Energy Storage
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