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LOCATION: Puerta Barrios, Guatemala

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 5.8 MW Turbo Expander, Super Critical Propane, Cycle Evaporative Cooling


IN SERVICE: Spring 2013

SCHEDULE: Construction Start Winter 2013, Construction Complete Summer 2013

FIRM ROLE: Engineering, Procurement

Generadora Electrical Del Norte (Genor), a Guatemalan independent power producer, owned a 40 MW heavy fuel oil-fired reciprocating engine plant in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Recognizing the benefits of an improved plant heat rate, Genor under-took an analysis of ways to improve the output and efficiency of the Puerto Barrios facility. A number of options were analyzed to “combine cycle” the plant.

The plant selected the Organic Rankine Cycle ORC-AT, as designed by Waldron. Waldron has

an exclusive license agreement to design and construct the ORC-AT cycle. The cycle consists of a two-stage heat recovery system producing supercritical propane from exhaust waste heat. Energy in the propane is converted to shaft horsepower in a two-stage turbo expander coupled to a single generator via a common gearbox. Heat from exhausted propane is recuperated against propane prior to recycling to the superheater. Cooling for the cycle is via a bank of evaporative condensers. The plant will produce a net output of 4.0 MW for sale to the grid with the addition of no fuel input.

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