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Waldron’s detailed engineering packages are fully-coordinated, comprehensive, and informed by the client’s needs. The key is to understand the stakeholder’s goals, and structure a set of plans and specifications that clearly communicate these goals to the contractors. In turn, the result is a well-defined, successful project.


Important steps in the engineering and design services process include:


The project development process can be a tortuous path through a maze of regulatory, contractual and financial barriers. Navigating this gauntlet successfully requires knowledge of the ways in which facility performance, technical constraints, and regulatory obligations coincide. Our direct experience bringing energy facilities from concept to operation enables us to optimize the path for you without sacrificing key outcomes.


Waldron’s detailed engineering and design process is an orchestrated flow of information that proceeds from a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder goals to a set of plans and specifications that is specific to the project’s needs. We take a “no more and no less than is needed” approach: our multi-discipline in-house coordination process emphasizes comprehensive drawing sets with little to no delegated design, while our specifications are pared down to those requirements both specific to and essential to the project. The result is a design package truly ready for bidding and construction, which minimizes change orders and project delays by providing the clear direction that is required for an efficient construction process.


Every construction project presents unique challenges. The key to success is working proactively with the vendors and trade subcontractors to navigate those challenges in a timely and cost-effective manner on behalf of the Owner. Waldron emphasizes productive relationships with all stakeholders, and adopts a responsive, flexible approach to overcoming obstacles and keeping the project on track. Because the starting point is a comprehensive, fully-coordinated design, our teams have the ability to quickly identify the impacts of design decisions on all project disciplines and resolve field challenges practically and efficiently.

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