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Energy projects today face the unprecedented challenge of balancing economic, functional, and environmental outcomes in the face of rapidly evolving regulatory and market conditions. Waldron’s industry-leading analytics provide the strategic insights necessary to make efficient investment decisions, track program performance over time, assess risk and track the key metrics most important to your organization.



The cornerstone of Waldron’s analytical services is a proprietary, internally-developed software platform capable of performing integrated electrical, thermal, economic, and greenhouse gas emissions calculations for complex microgrid systems. Some basic features of the platform are the following:


  • Utilizes equipment performance curve library enables accurate prediction of part-load performance of major electrical and thermal generation equipment.

  • Incorporates electrical generation, solar PV, heat recovery, energy storage systems, centrifugal and absorption chilling, heat recovery chilling, heat pump technologies and other principal utility generation assets.

  • Manages a portfolio of individual building loads that vary in time due to construction, demolition, energy efficiency retrofits, and demand-side management programs.

  • Modifies the condition or performance of microgrid assets over time, such as time-varying fuel cell plant performance, combustion turbine degradation between overhauls, etc.

  • Dispatches electric and thermal generation assets to concurrently meet electrical, steam, hot water and chilled water loads.

  • Integrates multiple commodity supply cost futures, utility tariffs, and procurement strategies.

  • Incorporates scheduled and unscheduled (randomly selected) maintenance periods and equipment availability profiles.

  • Performs internal auxiliary load calculations for central energy plant and microgrid parasitic loads.

  • Capable of incorporating and simultaneously dispatching multiple facilities on a common microgrid.



 Our array of in-house tools coupled with our experience in the design, construction and commissioning of energy generation and delivery systems enables us to offer true investment grade analysis. Our flexible tools allow rapid assessment of changes to market, regulatory or supply/demand conditions, so that existing assets are deployed optimally throughout their operating lifetimes.


  • Determine optimal microgrid equipment configurations

  • Efficiently identify key project drivers, sensitivities, and risks

  • Track asset performance year-over-year compared to benchmark models

  • Evaluate the true impact of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) in a microgrid environment

  • Identify the most cost-effective and environmentally sound dispatching strategies

  • Determine the true cost of outages and equipment downtime

  • Develop and/or analyze microgrid rate structures based upon calibrated system models

  • Optimize returns on demand-side investments

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