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DESIGN START/COMPLETION: November 2010 – June 2011

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 150,000 lb/hr dual fuel (natural gas and #6 oil), 400 psig steam boiler

IN-SERVICE: November 2012

FIRM ROLE: EPC (Engineering, Procure, Construct), Commissioning

In 2003, Harvard purchased the Blackstone Station in Cambridge, MA from NSTAR to insure a secure source of steam to serve the future campus expansion. Waldron was retained to provide technical due diligence for the purchase as well as develop a plan for Blackstone that would meet the Campus growth needs into 2020.

The installation of Boiler 13 was the first step in the plan. After the successful installation of Boiler 13, the next step was the Boiler 11 upgrade. Waldron was once again brought on as the EPC contractor by Harvard University for the project. The project scope included an upgrade of the fuel delivery and control systems associated with Boiler 11 at Harvard’s Blackstone steam plant in Cambridge, MA. The proposed work involved a 150,000 lbs/hr dual fuel (natural gas and #6 oil), 400 psig steam boiler burner management and combustion control systems complete replacement. These upgrades modernized the fuel train and combustion controls for the industrial boiler which provides part of the Harvard campus steam supply.

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