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Spotlight on Terence Waldron, CEO

Terry focuses on relationships. From 1986 to 2019, he has participated in the Head of the Charles.

Terry refuses to be old. He is a rebel that loves adventure, mountain climbing and rowing. He chose Columbia because it rivaled his strict Catholic high school education. His eyes opened when he experienced the New York jazz clubs and culture.

He has five children and his background is Irish. In the 1850’s, his family immigrated to central Pennsylvania. He took things apart as a kid, and wanted to understand ‘Why does it work? How does it work?’ He loved physics and it came easily to him. Took things apart as a kid, why does it work, how does it work. Interested in how things work. Analytical, what does this thing do. He has always been analytical and need to understand what things do. He started his career at a large firm doing nuclear work on 3-mile island. He got interested in thermodynamics and how systems work and got interested in writing software. When his boss left the company where he was working, Terry saw the bigger opportunity. He started consulting and focused on relationships and service. Took things apart as a kid, why does it work, how does it work. Interested in how things work. Analytical, what does this thing do.


Terry got lectured for spending too much time on the phone. He was focused on relationships and spent time nurturing them. He watched people who did not put in the effort he did get rewarded. He decided to start his own firm. He got lucky, the Friday he resigned, he got a call from a client saying he needed him the next week at a meeting. John Sweet and Cedric Chan attended the meeting and that client hired them directly. People followed and today, Waldron is focuses on service.


· Thrive on challenges

· Spend time reading and staying on top of the market

· Be comfortable in your skin


1. Intelligence and excellence

2. Thinkers outside the box who pushing on different walls

3. Eclectic mix of personalities that will challenge each other

4. Hires counter-balance strengths in talent

5. Respectful

6. Diverse qualities

7. Projects started and finishers, dreamers and those who can check every detail

8. Crazy idea people who are driven to understand and adapt

9. Experience leading to higher confidence levels

10. Understanding and being interested in what others are doing


Economics and engineering go together with creativity grounded with reality. The cookie-cutter solution is often not the best solution. Our future is focused on resiliency with economics, reducing greenhouse gases, energy stability, price, and availability.


Understand the market forces around you.

Yesterday is a day you can make no changes too. Yesterday and Tomorrow you can do nothing about, focus on today.

“When going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill


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