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PROJECT DATES: 2013 – 2016

FIRM ROLE: Designer, Commissioning

Waldron has completed multiple projects for Yale University. Below are some of the electrical focused projects that have been completed.


1. Supplemental Generator Project

        a.    Designed and installed 3 mobile generators to provide supplemental power to the Yale University                Campus. The mobile generators operate in parallel with existing turbine generators and emergency              generators. The three mobile generators run in parallel with each other and have load share capability.

        b. Controls of the generators are designed to operate the generator from three locations, local manually, chiller plant control room-automatically and the central power plant control room automatically.  Controls for the new switchgear were connected into the DCS and existing synch panel for remote control.  Raise/Lower voltage and frequency, synch check and other interlocks will be designed as needed.

        c. Arc Flash Study completed for all new equipment.

        d. Developed the Sequence of Operation for the generator control system.


2. New Vista Key Control Project

        a.   Designed and commissioned the new Vista Switch Key Interlock Controls between four existing          15KV breakers.  The Vista Switch Key Interlock Controls allow the associated 15 KV circuit breaker to be closed on a dead bus when the vista switch is open.  This energizes the vista switch on the campus side of the switch and allows the utility to perform phase checks at the vista switch.  The vista switch is not allowed to close if the key interlock switch is activated.  All synchronizing remains across the 15KV breakers. 

        b.   Developed the Sequence of Operation for the Vista Switch Key Interlock control system.


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