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LOCATION: Worcester, MA

DESIGN START: Winter 2010


SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 7.5 MW Electric, 60,000 lb/hr Steam, 4,000 ton Electric Chiller, Dual Fuel Combustion Turbine

FIRM ROLE: Engineering, Construction Management, Technical Support and Commissioning

The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) in Worcester is a large medical hospital, research center, and medical school campus. Due to continuing campus expansion, their existing cogeneration facility could not meet capacity. Energy efficiency and reliability were key concerns in developing plant options. Waldron Engineering was selected to do the engineering and design of the UMMS cogeneration plant expansion.

The cogeneration plant expansion included a 7.5 MW dual fuel combustion turbine, a fired HRSG rated at 60,000 lb/hr, 1100 psig and 850ºF, a new natural gas compressor, a new 4000 TR electrical chiller and a new plant master electrical control system with intelligent load shedding scheme that greatly enhanced the overall electrical system reliability. The new cogeneration system boosted the overall efficiency from 55% to over 70%, exceeding expectations.

The project scope included:

  • building structural design

  • electrical design—included interconnection between the existing generators and the new electrical system to shape a complete load shedding scheme

  • mechanical design— included high pressure steam system connecting with the existing steam system

  • new HP natural gas system

  • modified an existing 80,000 gal no. 6 fuel oil system to no.2 fuel oil system.

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