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LOCATION: Worcester, MA

START: Fall 2018

COMPLETION: Spring 2019

FIRM ROLE: Engineering Consultant

Waldron has been working on projects on the UMass Medical School Campus for over 20 years. The goal of this power plant and distribution infrastructure system study was to develop the most effective solution from a life cycle perspective to meet the evolving needs of the campus over the next 20—30 years. The three utilities that were studied included electric, steam and chilled water.

As part of this project, Waldron performed an assessment of existing equipment and infrastructure, reviewed the current operating strategy, developed a conceptual upgrade to the campus metering scheme, and reviewed over twenty capital projects for their potential benefits to the system. For each of these capital projects Waldron conceptualized a project approach, calculated the life cycle outcomes for the campus using an 8,760-hr utility model, developed capital cost budgets for each, and also reviewed the level of urgency and environmental impacts of each.

The project included hydraulic modeling of the steam and chilled water distribution systems, modeling of the electrical distribution system, and development of an 8,760-hr utility model with dispatch algorithms for the combustion turbine, three steam turbines, boilers and chillers within the UMMS facility. These models enabled investment grade accuracy for the life cycle cost analysis associated with each of the capital upgrades that were considered for the facility.

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