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LOCATION: Worcester, MA

START: Oct. 2018


FIRM ROLE: Engineer, Planner, Consultant

Waldron has been working on projects on the UMass Medical School (UMMS) Campus for over 20 years. For this project Waldron was tasked with doing a feasibility study on installing an energy storage system for their existing combined heat and power plant (CHP). The scope of services for this project included the following:

1. Develop a typical year 8760 model of the operation of the CHP and utility purchases as the base case model.

2. Develop three different cases of an economic analysis with the energy storage system in conjunction with the CHP to determine the energy saving from peak demand reduction, energy arbitrage and other operation efficiency optimization.

3. Define operational improvements associated with the installation of the energy storage system and the components required to achieve these improvements. Improvements will include:

  • Resiliency improvements

  • Bus stabilization benefits when operating in island mode.

  • Load balancing when operating in parallel and not exporting.

  • Black start capabilities (for existing CHP)

4. Identify the electrical equipment and control system needed to successfully comply with the incentives, achieve the economic benefit and operational benefits.

5. Develop a cost opinion that includes equipment, installation, engineering, commissioning, project administration, interconnect cost related to resilience equipment and other costs as may be required in the incentive program

6. Assist UMMS in the preparation of the application for an energy storage grant.

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