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SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 4 MW Gas-fired recip. engine. 800-ton electric chiller 600-tons of hot water absorption chiller and pumps

IN SERVICE: Winter 2018

FIRM ROLE: Owner’s Engineer Services, Cx

Waldron Engineering was contracted to perform the commissioning services for the new Tufts Central Energy Plant. The plant consisted of a 4 MW gas-fired reciprocating engine, with 200 horsepower waste heat recovery boiler and 3x800 horsepower firetube boilers. The facility also included an 800-ton electric chiller and 600-ton hot water absorption chiller. Waldron, as the commissioning agent and systems trainer, coordinated new boiler/chiller plant startup while the existing plant was in operation, provided supplemental design and engineering during construction and commissioning, worked with vendors to correct equipment design oversight, and developed commissioning test procedures.

The challenge of getting the new systems operational against the backdrop of a working plant required careful coordination, precise planning, and smooth execution of our commissioning plan. Tufts was able to get its system online and derive an economic benefit from its new cogeneration systems.

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