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STUDY DATE: May 2017 – July 2019

FIRM ROLE: Feasibility Study

NAICS: 541330, 237130, 237120, 236220, 221112, 221117, 221118, 221121, 221122

Waldron performed a study on the behalf of Constellation to evaluate the installation of a CHP plant at the NSSC campus. The basis for the study was an hourly utility model that was developed from utility load and cost information supplied by NSSC. The objective of the project was to determine the optimal-sized prime mover, evaluate the financial performance of the project, and develop a cost estimate to construct and commission the facility. Waldron also evaluated the utility modifications and interface changes required to operate the facility electrically as a Microgrid with thermal distribution loops.

The recommended configuration is proceeding as a third party paid ESPC project.

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