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LOCATION: Rockford, Jamaica


IN-SERVICE: Commercial Operation, Q1 – 1998

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 64 MW Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Slow Speed Diesel Engines with Condensing Steam, Turbine Generator

FIRM ROLE: Owner’s Engineer, Start-Up and Commissioning

Waldron Engineering was engaged to develop a design concept and technical specification to enable the owner to solicit turnkey construction bids.

Subsequent to the initial work, we were retained to start-up; commission and performance test this facility.

Waldron acted as the Owner’s Engineer – involved in the project development phase and assisted the owner to develop an EPC RFP and EPC bid evaluation, along with reviewing contractor design and construction submittals. Waldron participated in the project design and construction meetings. In the start-up and commissioning phase Waldron assisted with the equipment start-up crew to start-up the major equipment, develop commissioning plans and performed system commissioning tasks. Waldron also developed the facility performance test protocol, analyzed performance test results and developed the final performance test report.

The facility contains two MAN slow speed 30 MW reciprocating engines exhausting into two pressure forced circulation heat recovery steam generators and one 4 MW steam turbine.

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