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STUDY DATE: April 2011

TECHNOLOGY: 11 MW 80,000 lb/hr

Solar Mars Gas Turbine

FIRM ROLE: Feasibility Study and Detailed Design

Columbia University retained Waldron Engineering & Construction, Inc. to study the opportunity for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at its Morningside Campus. The CHP will include on-site electric generation and recovery of waste heat in the generation of electricity to heat and cool campus buildings. The single most important driver for the study, other than its economic feasibility, was to determine if CHP offers a cost effective and reliable means to significantly reduce the University’s GHG emissions thru the recovery of waste heat and reduction of fossil fuel burning, in indirect purchased electricity and onsite usage, to meet the Morningside Campus’s energy needs.

The project team considered a wide range of CHP technologies and configurations to be sited at the existing steam & chiller plants below the Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research (CEPSR). The CHP technologies investigated included: combustion turbines, fuel cells, reciprocating engines, and steam turbines in configurations sized up to about 14.5 MW.

Waldron was selected to execute the detailed design for the project.

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