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LOCATION: Cambridge, MA

DESIGN START/COMPLETION: Summer 2004 – Winter 2006

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 5.0 MW Solar Taurus 60 turbine with HRSG & SCR

IN-SERVICE: Commercial Operation, Winter 2006

FIRM ROLE: Engineering, Construction, and Commissioning Support

Biogen, a world leader in research and development of multiple-sclerosis treatment drugs required a solution for the high price and poor reliability of utility service at their Cambridge, Massachusetts campus. The solution came in the form of a new central energy plant to serve six buildings with electricity and five with high pressure steam. Waldron served as the engineer of record for the CHP facility which is located in the basement of the biopharma research building. The facility included a dual fuel, 5 MW combustion turbine with a heat recovery steam generator, an SCR system, two dual fuel package boilers, liquid fuel storage, steam distribution system upgrades, and a consolidation of the campus-wide electrical distribution system. The facility was designed to operate with very low noise and vibration and is located one floor below a normally occupied, mixed-use office environment. The scope of services for this project included the following:

  • Dual Fuel Solar Taurus 60 Turbine/Generator

  • 50,000 lb/hr gas fired heat recovery steam boiler with an SCR and CO catalyst

  • Two 50,000 lb/hr Package Boilers

  • Condensate Receiver

  • Deaerator

  • Water Treatment System

  • CEM System

  • New Electrical Distribution System with Switchgear

  • New Steam Distribution System

  • Control Systems

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