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LOCATION: Springfield, MA


IN-SERVICE: December 2017

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: Mercury 50 Gas Turbine Generator, Duct-fired, heat recovery steam generator, Steam absorption chiller, Black Start Reciprocating Engine, Natural Gas Compression System, Medium and low voltage switchgear

FIRM ROLE: Engineer, Design, Equipment Procurement, Construction

Waldron Engineering & Construction is the design-builder for a new natural gas fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project located at the largest level I trauma center hospital in western Massachusetts, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. The project includes a new power plant building, the first Solar Turbines Mercury 50 Gas turbine generator to be permitted in Massachusetts, a duct fired heat recovery steam generator, a new steam absorption chilling system, a new natural gas compression system, a new black start reciprocating engine, new medium and low voltage switchgear as well as modifications to an existing steam and chilled water plant. The project’s equipment has also been engineered for the future installation of a hot water system to further reduce the hospitals energy costs and carbon footprint. Waldron’s prime construction subcontractor on the project is Cianbro Corporation.

The project has a unique financing structure that includes a federal grant from the department of housing and urban development, incentives from the local electric utility and grants from the state of Massachusetts. The project will provide energy cost savings for the medical center for years to come.

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