LOCATION: Storrs, Connecticut

STUDY DATE: December 2017-February 2018

FIRM ROLE: Engineer, Planner, Consultant

Waldron was selected as the cogeneration consultant for a multi-firm design team tasked with conceptualizing and designing a Supplemental Utility Plant at the University of Connecticut. Waldron’s first task on the project was to determine the optimal configuration for the facility, which was accomplished through development of a comprehensive utility analysis.

An aggressive schedule was required to meet UCONN’s objectives. In just 8 weeks, an 8,760-hr utility model was developed with multiple equipment options at both new and existing central energy facilities, operating in parallel to meet the campus loads, and the findings presented to the University. The analysis included two steam pressure levels, multiple sources of chilled water, and electrical generation from three combustion turbines and a steam turbine at the existing Central Plant, and incorporated multiple cogeneration options at the proposed Supplemental Plant.

The findings of this analysis were used by UCONN to select the optimal equipment configurations to support its expanding education and research facilities.