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DESIGN START: November 2014

SIZE & TECHNOLOGY: 5.6 MW Solar Turbine, Taurus 60 dual fuel combustion turbine with duct-fired heat recovery steam generator

IN-SERVICE: December 2015

FIRM ROLE: EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct), Commissioning

Waldron served as the EPC (engineer, procure, construct) contractor for the Erving Paper CHP Project. The job consisted of a new CHP and building located adjacent to the mill’s existing steam plant, and included a Solar Turbines Taurus 60 dual fuel combustion turbine with a duct-fired, 600-psig heat recovery steam generator, connection to the mill’s existing compressed natural gas delivery system, a synthetic natural gas (propane + air) mixing system for secondary fuel to the duct burner, a revised 13.8 kV electrical interconnection with new switchgear, a black start generator, and various upgrades to the existing utility systems necessary to accommodate the project. Waldron worked with the mill and a team of subcontractors to complete engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of this fast-track project within eighteen months from notice to proceed, working within and around the operating mill.

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